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On a never-to-be-forgotten night in Spain (24.4.2012), Chelsea came to the Nou Camp with a slender 1 - 0 lead over Barcelona, 'the best club side in the world', to play the second leg.

Our game plan was simple; stop them from scoring.

One thing was for sure, it wouldn't be boring.

It wouldn't be pretty, that much we all knew.

A clinical shut-out, and we would go through.

Ivanovic and Terry, Cahill and Cole.

A back-four to stifle all threats to our goal.

And behind them the incomparable Cech.

The master of all; in the air, on the deck.

Meireles and Lampard, Ramires, Mikel

form another defensive back-four as well.

And Mata and Drogba are roaming about,

but spend most of their time back helping them out.

We are holding our own, we are tight at the back.

We fight off each wave of the Spanish attack.

Then Cahill gets injured, Bosingwa comes on.

The game is still scoreless, with half-an-hour gone.

Then the Catalans score to level the tie.

Then a moment of madness; don't ask me why.

The club's greatest servant; he gets a red card.

We are down to ten men, it's now twice as hard.

Can we still win it? Yes, but we have to score.

An away goal would clinch it; they'd need two more.

A through ball from Messi, and they've scored again.

Iniesta the man, the toast of all Spain.

It must be all over, that's them one ahead.

Have they broken our hearts, and left us for dead?

A through ball from Lampard; an exquisite chip.

A goal by Ramires that steadies the ship.

He ran from the back to put us in the lead.

We're through to the Final if we don't concede.

But it's only half-time, more pressure to come.

Roberto, you'd better get out some more gum!

The second half starts, now for more of the same.

Defending in numbers the rest of the game.

A spot kick conceded, and Messi to take.

The Argentine maestro will make no mistake.

He's missed it! He's missed it! We're still going through!

It gave us a lift, and our confidence grew.

Torres on for Drogba, to give him a rest.

He'd played his heart out, he was one of the best.

Then came the moment we'll never forget.

The ball is nestling in the back of their net.

Put there by Torres, during time added on.

We're through to the Final, their last chance has gone.

The crowd has been silenced; the Nou Camp struck dumb.

Defeated because we refused to succumb.

Barcelona beaten by keeping it tight

Celebrations started; they'll go on all night.

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